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Our Food & Beverage Kits, Buongusto , refresh yourself at home with the products chosen by the restaurant.

Imagine being able to use the products that the best chefs have chosen to create the dishes at home, you can order them from us, they arrive directly at home without exaggerated shipping costs, you can create the dish yourself under the guidance of the chef who inspired you, we will also guide you in pairing it with wine or the optimal craft beer, you will have the possibility to add a dessert and an after-meal elixir, all accompanied by total costs and the expense per person.

Before this, you brought the people you wanted to surprise to a restaurant, now you can do all of this directly, at your home, without problems of personal distances… I would tell you about final satisfactions…. but what am I telling you, do you want to compare the satisfaction of being the boss and responsible for a successful evening?

What are you waiting for? choose your Food & Beverage Kit or Buongusto, Cater with us!

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