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Craft beer TùviTùvi Barley 750 ml

Craft beer TùviTùvi Barley 750 ml

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Nicola Perra, always attentive to the world scene, gives us a blonde ale of rare drinkability. Already bewitching to the eye, thanks to a creamy and adherent foam, the Tùvi Tùvi strikes us in the sense of smell with undisputed notes ranging from a strong citrus aroma of cedar to a pungent spicy aroma reminiscent of oriental scents of cardamom and sandalwood, accompanied by clear earthy hints of licorice roots and herbal teas of fresh elderflower and chamomile. Sensual flavors of elderberry honey, ripe apricot and tropical fruits emerge on the palate, followed in the aftertaste by bitter, herbaceous, citrus, resinous and balsamic notes, which give that sense of arsure, which leads to eagerly and urgently wanting another sip .

Highly refreshing, it can be appreciated at the table with fatty meats such as lamb and less fatty ones such as kid. It can also be proposed, with an extra pinch of audacity, with sweet and sour dishes of Thai cuisine or with unexpectedly delicate dishes of Indian cuisine such as chicken mughal and sweet chutney."

Lorenzo Dabove aka Kuaska
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