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Tenute Rossini

Thistle honey from Sardinia 250 gr

Thistle honey from Sardinia 250 gr

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Thistle honey

the thistle flower:

Under the name "thistle" are grouped numerous species of the Composite family (Galactites Tomentosa Moench, Cardus and Cirsium), characterized by thorny stems, leaves and involucres. They are frequent in arid uncultivated areas both in mountain and Mediterranean environments. It is not clear which species produce monoflora honey, which is mainly produced in Sicily and Sardinia and, to a lesser extent, in Calabria and on the Island of Elba. The thistle flowers in May-July.

Rossini Sardinian Thistle Honey from wild thistle flowers has the following organoleptic characteristics: it crystallizes spontaneously a few months after harvesting, the color is from light amber to amber, with orange hues and often green fluorescence when it is liquid, from light beige to dark beige, with yellow or orange hues when crystallized. The smell and aroma are of medium intensity, quite persistent in the mouth. Some words or expressions used to describe the smell: floral, floral-fruity, animal, of chrysanthemums, of yellow daisies, of cemetery flowers, of peat, of cut bark.

the taste/aroma: floral-fruity at the beginning, fresh vegetable note, then animal, of fishmeal, caramel, spicy.

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