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vermouth Drapò rosso Gran Riserva 18% vol 750 ml

vermouth Drapò rosso Gran Riserva 18% vol 750 ml

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Vermouth Drapò Grand Reserve

- It is part of the Premium Tuvè line. It is the result of a careful selection of the best botanicals and herbs added to our classic Vermouth Drapò. - It has a beautiful amber red color, with light caramel nuances. - The scent is intense and enveloping, with hints of ancient woods and dried herbs. - The gustatory breadth is remarkable, warm and tannic, but also round and persistent, involving all the senses. - We recommend enjoying the Gran Riserva at room temperature, accompanying it with 70% dark chocolate chips or with dried fruit such as Piedmontese hazelnuts or Bronte pistachios. In mixing it is used to give complexity and character to quality cocktails.

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